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Recently we built a warehouse inventory system for one of our clients. Using FileMaker Go 13 on iPod Touch devices, they receive new shipments from their factory by scanning QR codes affixed to each box. In the course of testing, we found the need to have access to a few dozen QR codes at a time. And rather than try to manage a stack of QR code labels cut from boxes, printing them to a regular sheet of paper was much preferred.

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So we built a tool to do just that and are sharing it with you here. Using a free QR code API from, the tool simply takes the text you provide along with two optional settings and constructs the URL. QRickit creates the code and it appears in a web viewer almost instantly. Getting several QR Codes on to one sheet was as easy as creating a couple label layouts with very small web viewers.

Download our free FileMaker QR code generator and let us know if it’s useful to you.

Please note that all free example files we give away on our site are offered without any warranty or guarantee of any kind.

The API used by this file is subject to change and may break the file’s functionality.


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