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FREE Zapier app fmGateway for FileMaker 17

We just updated our free Zapier app, fmGateway, to work with FileMaker Server 17. If you haven’t used Zapier, you should check it out. It’s a really easy way to link together hundreds of apps across the web.

Now your custom apps hosted on FileMaker Server 17 can be among the apps you can connect to. Using the fmGateway, you can (for example):

  • Automatically create a new payment record in your FileMaker app when you receive a new payment in QuickBooks
  • Dynamically add a Slack channel when a new job record is created in your FileMaker app
  • And this version we even added search capabilities. Mostly we wanted that feature for our soSIMPLE Calendar users, but I think everyone can benefit from it. This lets you (for example) send reminders using SMS, email, or native device notifications whenever you have an upcoming appointment in your FileMaker solution.

These are only a few of thousands of possible combinations.

And, this is a completely FREE app. We’ve gotten so much from this community, we felt this was an opportunity to give something back that we think can really make an impact in how you develop your apps to work more easily with other apps across the web.

You can find out more at:

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