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Fundamentals for using FileMaker JavaScript Add-ons

As with many things, simple installation isn’t the only thing to consider when integrating features into your solution. Join us for a quick summary of things to know. We cover installation, configuration, sample data usage, instances and copies, uninstalling, and upgrading add-ons.

Check out our FileMaker JavaScript Add-ons playlist here:

== Video Chapters ==
00:00 Intro
00:33 Quick Overview
01:14 Installation
04:03 Configurator
05:02 Sample Data
06:00 Instances and Copies
09:01 Uninstalling
11:27 Upgrading Add-ons
11:48 Closing

I’d like to thank The FileMaker Developers of Southern California user group (FMDiSC) for hosting Jeremey Brown and Todd Geist to discuss this issue at the October 2020 virtual gathering. Watch the complete presentation:

🔗 For more information refer to the: Add-Ons, the Complete (and almost TMI) Guide

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