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Get a Handle on Your Processes: Implementing Workflow Based Design

Get a Handle on Your Processes: Implementing Workflow Based Design
Weihao Ding
Direct Impact Solutions Inc.

A workflow based design can create rich, clutter-free interfaces with an experience tailored to the user. To enable this new design, we face a new development challenge—how do we align features with user processes to make them easy to re-use, expand, and flow? This session continues the journey of workflow-based design Alexis Allen highlighted at FileMaker DevCon 2019 from a developer’s perspective. It demonstrates how we integrated well known techniques to create an innovative new solution that encapsulates user processes and tackles the challenge.

This session gives and under the hood look at the story told in DevCon 2019 session Breaking Out of List and Form View –

0:08 – Introduction
6:04 – Process & Workflow
6:54 – Technical Challenges
10:53 – The Train Analogy
12:51 – Build the “Cabin”
19:14 – Load “Equipment”
26:20 – Resume Script Processing
41:09 – Additional Resources

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