Friday, August 19, 2022
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Get Hooked

Get Hooked
Wim DeCorte
Soliant Consulting, Inc.

API integrations are here to stay and by now many of us know how to use the FileMaker tools to call an API, pass it data, and parse the response. But what if that API does not give an immediate response? Or the remote service needs to send you a notification that something happened? Many APIs do this through webhooks. In this session we explore how to deal with webhooks. How can FileMaker receive those callbacks and those notifications? How does Claris Connect handle this? Webhooks are the answer and they are extremely powerful.

0:08 – Introduction
0:58 – Backstory
6:09 – Anatomy of a Webhook
10:25 – Webhooks in the Claris Ecosphere
16:31 – Demo of setting up a Webhook in Claris Connect
22:44 – Webhooks Outside the Claris Ecosphere: Make or Buy
29:43 – Demo of Setting up Webhooks in Node-Red
40:07 – Other Use Cases & Conclusion

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