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FileMaker User Interface – UI Tips and Tricks

Get the Right Answers from Users – UI Tips and Tricks
FileMaker DevCon 2017 Beginner Track

Session Speaker: Martha Zink | Soliant Consulting, Inc.

Session Description
A FileMaker app’s success revolves around collecting accurate and useful data, without interfering with user’s productivity or workflow. Learn how to build an app that is useful and intuitive for users, while keeping users on the right track and entering the right data. We will discuss how developers can manipulate the interface to serve both the user and the data, as well as review different technical topics including conditional formatting, script triggers, conditional visibility, and more.

Recommended Background
You should be comfortable constructing layouts.

Session Objectives
* Discuss the importance of User Experience and collecting good data
* Explore FileMaker tools that help guide a user through a workflow
* Discover new ways to implement FileMaker features that help the user
* Discuss the disadvantages of over-controlling users

  1. FileMaker-Fanatics says

    Very well done.

    Here is a thought/tweet (in 141 chars) on sounds (and notifications) talked about at around 56:17

    #FileMaker users on modern OS try #AppleScript: display notification "notification" with title "title" subtitle "subtitle" sound name "Tink"

    Like the way that you served up a tasting menu of so many FileMaker features to try. Lots of pie!

  2. Albert Harum-Alvarez says

    Great session, Martha! You make the lessons easy to hear AND easy to implement!

  3. BroScottsdale says

    Where's the board game?

  4. Jay D says

    Great video and explanation.

    Question : why not make the address box, on the Invoice layout, grey like the other fields that can't be edited directly?

  5. Verde Valley Handyman says

    Martha, What SVG graphic are you using as the progress bar or where did you get those that go end-to-end and connect like a continual progress bar.

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