Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Getting Started Developing with the Salesforce Platform

Alba Rivas, a Developer Advocate at Salesforce, introduces how to create apps on the Salesforce Platform. Follow along as we explore the spectrum of “low code” features to powerful “pro code” development capabilities.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:04 What is Salesforce?
00:02:59 Salesforce Core Services
00:04:59 Heroku Services
00:06:02 Mulesoft Services
00:07:08 Demo: Introduction of eCars PWA (Heroku)
00:08:19 Demo: Heroku Dashboard Walkthrough (Heroku)
00:10:07 Demo: Go through eCars PWA Configurator Wizard (Heroku)
00:11:08 Demo: Demostrate Lead was created (Salesforce Core)
00:12:34 Demo: Create Custom Field (Salesforce Core)
00:15:47 Demo: Edit Page on App Builder (Salesforce Core)
00:19:10 Demo: Pull changed Metadata on VS Code (Salesforce Core)
00:22:26 Demo: Modify LWC locally and Push it (Salesforce Core)
00:24:47 Demo: Modify PWA LWC on VS Code and Run Locally (Heroku)
00:27:38 Demo Highlights
00:28:49 eCars Github Repo
00:28:58 Trailblazer Community Groups
00:29:14 Recommended Trailhead Trail



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