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Getting Started with the FileMAker Data API

Getting Started with the FileMaker Data API
Steve Winter
Matatiro Solutions

The FileMake Data API opens a world of connectivity options to your FileMaker solution. Anything from sharing data to your website, uploading images from remote equipment, or integrating with the IoT. During this session we look at how to enable the FileMaker Data API and access to your app, what a REST API is all about, how to keep your data secure, and a number of integrations you can begin extending to solve your business problems right away.

0:08 – Introduction
2:45 – Data from FileMaker to WordPress
4:36 – Introduction to REST
11:42 – Using Postman to talk to the FileMaker Data API
17:50 – Usage and Security – Part I
19:55 – Enabling the FileMaker Data API
21:26 – Usage and Security – Part II
23:27 – Enabling FMREST extended privilege
25:37 – Authenticating using Postman
27:59 – WordPress Plugin
31:51 – Connecting from FileMaker Go Demo
36:43 – Connecting from JavaScript
39:57 – Uploading Container Field Content
42:20 – Conclusion

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