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Give Your Data a Picture with Data Visualization Techniques

Give Your Data a Picture with Data Visualization Techniques
Yann Liqueur-Salzédo (infografix)

Claris FileMaker lets us build amazing software to manage content. But this content can be very complex to read and understand, with lots of text, numbers and dates. One solution is to use data visualization techniques to transform this raw content into visual information—a picture or a diagram is often simpler to understand and more engaging. With FileMaker, you can do this work at many different levels, using various techniques, to present numbers, dates, locations, and even business processes. In this session, I present some FileMaker solutions which showcase the potential of data visualization techniques and how easy they are to implement.

0:08 – Introduction
1:40 – Presentation of Numerical Values
5:36 – Common Types of Charts and When to Use Them
15:59 – Presentation of Dates
24:06 – Presentation Locations
28:02 – Presentation of Processes

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