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Granular FileMaker Privilege Set Controls – FileMaker Today

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The edit Privilege Set dialog box is divided into a number of organized areas. One of these areas is Other Privileges and contains some very meaty security settings.

Allow Printing – when checked, allows printing throughout the database.

Allow Exporting – when checked, the user can export data from the file. This also controls information to be imported into another file/table and the function of the Copy All Records script step. Many developers turn the allow export option off without thinking. However, it is common to have scripts that perform export operations ( including the Copy All Records command ). So when the script tries to run and the security setting doesn’t allow it to … things can break.

FYI… There is a check-box option in ScriptMaker that will allow you to run a script with full access privileges.

Manage Extended Privileges – when checked, it enables access to extended privileges that focus around shared data. Extended privileges can be complex and this is just one of the many settings that affects it. The sharing that we are speaking of is remote access, instant web publishing, ODBC / JDBC data sources, FileMaker Mobile and other extended privileges on the horizon. Enabling manage privilege sets also needs sharing setup for each extended privilege.

Allow User To Override Data Validation Warnings – This setting allows a user to override ( when checked ) or not override ( when unchecked) a fields validation settings. An example may be … a particular field requires a pretty strict validation. When checked, the privilege sets overrides what the fields validation settings are.

Disconnect User From FileMaker Server When Idle – When checked, the user can be removed from a FileMaker Server during idle periods. This helps keep the server running at peak performance and helps eliminate record locking when an idle user is inside of a record.

Allow user to modify their own password – allows the administrator to allow users to change their password. You can also specify a number of days before the user needs to rotate their password and the number of maximum characters for the account password.

Available menu commands – gives you the options to define what menu options are available for a particular privilege. This is broken down into 3 categories that appear in a pull down menu. These options are Normal, Editing Only and None.

Normal Menu Option – Means that you are not selecting to have any additional restrictions on what appears in the menu bar. It will look like the normal FileMaker menu, of course with the possible exception of the other security settings.

Editing Only Menu Option – Designed for regular users that will be working with data but will not be creating scripts or editing layouts. Removes access to much of the File, View And Records menus. Normally a user will provide buttons on the FileMaker layout, if the user needs to access a menu option that is no longer there.

None Menu Option – This will gray out almost all of the menu commands. When using this option, you will want to provide a number buttons for users to take care of the missing menu options.


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