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Group Object Selection – FileMaker 17 – Video Tutorial

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In this video, we talk about the new Group Object Selection feature in FileMaker 17.

To demonstrate the feature, we compare FileMaker 17 functionality alongside FileMaker 16.

With FileMaker 17, editing items inside of a group is as easy as double-clicking. You no longer have to ungroup items to make minor edits and then remember to regroup them after editing.

Pro tip – use the new Objects window to quickly select an item within a group. With the Object tab, you don’t need to double-click the item and you are quickly taken to the exact object you want to edit.

Here at Productive Computing, we’re aiming to bring more visibility to the FileMaker platform by way of these videos and are excited to share with the community these great features from our broad perspective and many years of first-hand experience with the FileMaker platform.

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