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Happy Thanksgiving – Take a Moment – Give a Moment – Say Thanks!

A quick hello and thanks to everyone and anyone who is a part of our FileMaker Community, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe you’re not from the United States, I am quite aware that we have large numbers of members from other countries in the FMT Community, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? Some of us rarely, if ever, say thanks for what we have, our blessings, our families, our health, our next meal…

We are all too damn busy. We forget. We are tired. Yes most of us are too damn busy being upset about what we do not have or wishing for they had more of something they don’t. Sadly many people truly have little to be thankful for. Life and times can be hard, brutal and unfair. Take a look at what happened in Florida and California the past few months, hurricanes and fires like we have never seen before, these people lost everything!  something amazing happened during and after these tragic events, people came from all over country and the world to help get things help the victims. That is some pretty powerful kindness and thanks!

My point here is to say thanks for the things we do have. You see, it doesn’t matter whose holiday Thanksgiving is; ours, yours…

Thanksgiving is a day set aside simply to stop and consciously be thankful to someone, anyone! So, while Thanksgiving is a long-standing American holiday, for ONE day consider making it yours.Take a moment and make a moment. Give thanks. Thanks & Giving.

Thank You All and Happy Thanksgiving,

Ross MacLane

Founder FMT

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