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Thursday, June 8, 2023

How ISVs Can Migrate Aura Components to Lightning Web Components


Lightning Web Components give any JavaScript developer a modern, web standards-based path to building apps and experiences on the Lightning Platform. But what does this evolution in front-end development mean for ISVs and their Aura components? Fortunately for any developer, Aura and Lightning web components are designed with seamless interoperability in mind, empowering teams to nest LWCs in Aura, communicated between different components, and more. In this session, our experts will give AppExchange (ISV) Partners the best practices they need for migrating Aura components to Lightning Web Components to take full advantage of this new programming model. You’ll see live demos, walk through code examples, and learn the tips and tricks you need to optimize a migration when it makes sense, and deliver coexistence when it doesn’t.

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