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How Showing, not Telling, Can Improve Your Discovery Process (Intermediate 004)

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How Showing, not Telling, Can Improve Your Discovery Process
FileMaker DevCon 2017 Intermediate Track

Session Speaker: Matthew O’Dell | Big Buffalo Design

Session Description
Communicating with the people who use our software can be tough. Trying to describe software experiences with words will always leave room for interpretation and misunderstanding. Instead, prototyping can be used in many ways to explore your ideas, communicate them to your client, and learn from their experience without spending tons of development time. From paper prototyping to Keynote to Balsamiq, this session will go over the different tools and techniques available to prototype solutions and experiences quickly and effectively.

What you should know
Minimal understanding or experience with requirements gathering for projects.

What You Will Learn
* How to use prototypes to get client/stakeholder buy-in
* Which prototypes tools to use based the projects needs
* What tips and tricks you can use to create complex experiences quickly
* How to do usability testing with prototypes

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