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How to Prepare Your Employees for a Transition to the Cloud

The following was taken from a recent technology roundtable discussion in which we participated. This post takes the opportunity to expand on that exchange.

Migrations to cloud-based technologies can create stress not only for the teams managing the transition itself but also for the employees responsible for using the systems afterward. In many cases, the new cloud-based applications benefit them directly, but a fear of the new and unknown can overshadow this.

To ensure efforts run smoothly and deliver a return on your investment, we recommend building a strategy to prepare employees and other constituents for your cloud transformation and migrations.

Involve Employees in the Transition

We strongly recommend involving users in the migration process, communicating extensively with them, and training them well through exposure to the new cloud-based systems. Some job roles will be more impacted than others, but you can reduce the resistance from employees by including them in the migration process and taking their feedback and concerns into account. They may have many valuable ideas related to improvements and optimizations.

Engage IT

This means working with IT professionals and other stakeholders accustomed to traditional on-premise infrastructure to strategize on the benefits that cloud while weighing the costs and implications of a transition. Include this effort in your action plan to help quantify cloud transformation and what it means to employees.

Cloud transformation can mean a whole spectrum of different things and have different implications for employees. Becoming a boundary spanner between cloud and on-premise and getting everyone on board will make the process smoother for everyone involved.

Transition in Stages

You can also ease the transition in stages. Identify areas on which to take action and label them appropriately, such as “learn,” “train,” “create,” or “evaluate” in order to make decisions on how to prioritize and move forward.

Moving Forward in Your Cloud Transition

By approaching employee preparedness from both a business and a technology perspective, you can identify gaps that in current capabilities and close them by providing open communication and proper direction. We find most people are open to the benefits offered by cloud transformations and are supportive of a successful cloud adoption journey.

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