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How to Setup 360Deploy 2 by 360Works – Houston FM Meeting Recap | AUTOMATE FILEMAKER DATA MIGRATION

360Deploy 2 automates your process of making FileMaker changes and migrating the data to a live or production (PROD) database. Say goodbye to the complexities of the separation model, skip the tedious data imports, and stop risking data loss. Additionally, 360Deploy 2 completely automates the use of the FileMaker Data Migration Tool, no hassling with files on the server!

Joe Martin, Senior Developer at 360Works, recently presented at the Houston FMDUT Meeting where he demonstrated the setup of 360Deploy 2 and covered development topics on deploying changes to a PROD file.

In this video, we have a recap of the meeting that has been shortened to 15 minutes so you can briefly observe what the process will look like for you or follow along with the 360Deploy setup!

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