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How to Train a Junior Developer (Business Track 002)

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Title: How to Train a Junior Developer
Session: Business Track 002
Speaker: Molly Connolly
From: Thorsen Consulting, Inc.

Session Description
If you can’t afford to hire a seasoned developer, hiring a junior developer is a great way to grow your business but requires a great deal of time and effort to help your new hire get up to speed.

In this session, we’ll talk about what to look for when hiring a junior developer and what tasks junior developers can do to quickly contribute to the team effort as they get up to speed. We’ll offer resources and sample exercises that allow your new hire to work independently but not in a vacuum.

What you should know:

This session does not require knowledge of FileMaker as it is focused on providing steps on how to train a junior developer and/or how to develop a training plan for yourself.

Products & Technologies

Session Materials

What You Will Learn
• How to set realistic expectations for your new hire’s professional development
• Develop a training plan that facilitates independent study
• Technical exercises that will help you monitor and assess your new hire’s growth
• Non-Technical (Consulting) resources that will help your developer be a more effective contributor

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