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How to Use the Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein is the new generation of AI available directly within your Salesforce CRM data. It learns from your existing data and can gives you predictions, insights, next steps, and recommendations. Why waste time calling on opportunities that are unlikely to convert?

The Einstein Prediction Builder can help you anticipate which opportunities are most likely to close and even which products prospects are most likely to purchase.

Einstein delivers scores; such as a lead score and how likely the lead will convert. You can leverage estimates; such as the estimated amount a donor will donate. You can also benefit from classifications; such as the category of a new lead. These focused efforts are for all users; sales, service, commerce, HR, non-profit.

Anyone using Salesforce in any industry can benefit from AI fueling their decisions. From sales, to service to marketing, Einstein will give you end to end insights to increase your customer engagement. Where could Einstein save you time during the day?

Einstein Bots and Agent

Einstein also has Bots and Agent. Bots can be trained on your Salesforce data. They can automatically resolve routine customer issues or gather the needed information for a qualified agent handoff. The Einstein Agent can predict case fields and use AI to route them to the right agents for fast resolution.

AI Built on Clicks, Not Code

But what if you don’t have the time or developers to implement an AI solution? No problem! You can create predictions with clicks and not code. The simple Einstein Prediction Builder includes guided screens to select your object, fields, and the type of records you want the AI to learn from to build predictions. That’s it, it’s that simple!

Customizing Your AI

If you want to add complexity or customize the predictions, you can use Einstein’s API in Apex or Heroku. You can get more advanced with targeted segmented groups (accounts in a specific territory, for example).

Crucial Component: Data Accuracy

Remember Einstein learns from your data, so the more accurate it is, the more accurate predictions you will get.

Einstein Voice

Announced at Dreamforce 18, Einstein Voice uses natural language to understand updates you need to make in Salesforce. Just finished a sales meeting with a client and need to rush to the next one? That doesn’t leave much time to log into salesforce and type in notes. But you could dictate your notes to Einstein Voice, which will then find the correct record, log the event with all the relevant details, and even schedule reminders for you to follow up. Just like you’ve been able to relative terms like ‘next month’ in a report or list view for date fields, you can say ‘next month’ to Einstein and it will understand those kinds of terms.

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Launching Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Predictions and other AI features can boost your productivity and allow your team to focus their efforts. Einstein is built into the Salesforce platform, so you just have to purchase the license and then build out the predictions that will help you in your business.

Currently (as of Q4 2018) pricing for Predictions is $75/user/month, which will give you access to view insights created with Einstein Discovery or Einstein Prediction Builder, get recommended actions, and have real time scoring.

Need help launching your first round of predictions? Our team is well-versed in Salesforce development and implementations. We can help your team build predictions, both basic and complex, and take full advantage of all Einstein has to offer. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Einstein Prediction Builder Resources

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