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Import data into your app

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Populate your new tables and fields with information

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In this video, you will:

Import data: use the data you’ve already gathered to help you create your app (0:29)
Map fields: let FileMaker Pro help you put data where it belongs (1:14)
Check your imported data: view your records to make sure they’re what you wanted (2:42)
Re-set the serial number: ensure unique values in each new record you create (2:57)

Now that you have a clear picture of how your data will be organized, you can start building your app’s structure. You’ll start by creating tables and fields to house your data. When you’re done, you’ll have a basic database: the foundation of your custom app.

When your tables and fields are in place, you’ll learn how to import Excel data into your new tables. FileMaker Pro is great at importing data from other sources. If your format isn’t supported, you can convert it to Excel or another supported format.

Finally you’ll link your tables together by creating relationships. By themselves, tables aren’t much more powerful than spreadsheets, because you can only work with the data from one table at a time — but when you link your tables together, they become aware of each other’s data. After you relate tables together, you can see and understand the connections in your data.

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