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In Product Add Ons for FileMaker Pro

In-Product Add-Ons for FileMaker Pro
Jeremy Brown (Geist Interactive)

FileMaker 19 now comes with add-ons. These features provide a lot of functionality with just a drag and drop onto a layout. But it’s likely that some will want to know more about how they were built and the scripts involved, so we’ll take a look at all the important parts of the add-ons so that you can get in there and customize them as you’d like.

3:23 – Refining the Find
11:25 – Filtering Data
20:35 – Refreshing Data
24:49 – Multiple Instances
33:52 – Configuring the Add-ons
39:11 – Add-on Events
43:10 – Required Fields
46:12 – Re-fetching Data

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