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inRESONANCE Unveils Student Billing Sub-ledger – FileMaker Today

[FMT Press Release – July 14, 2014] inRESONANCE (iR), a leading developer of technology solutions for independent schools and educational institutions, today announced StuB, a full-featured sub-ledger student billing system. This is a groundbreaking core addition to the iR solution offerings. The solution integrates admissions and finance processes to deliver an end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between enrollment management and billing.

inRESONANCE Founder and CEO Kevin J. McAllister will unveil StuB for student billing and other new iR products at the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals Annual Admission Institute conference, Portland, Oregon, July 13 – July 16, 2014.

With StuB, data is pre-populated from the iR PORTAL admissions and enrollment system to include information such as who is currently enrolled, incoming students, and family data such as tuition payers. Student Billing boosts productivity for schools and payers by supporting complex tuition charges and payment plans, multiple payers per child, ad hoc charges, overpayments, invoicing, statements, and deposits.

Flexible payment options allow schools to automatically bill multiple payers such as parents, grandparents, companies or trusts. The solution also connects directly to QuickBooks or can prepare a file export for other accounting systems. Designed and tested in conjunction with financial professionals and Certified Public Accountants, Student Billing supports full audit trails for in-depth accountability and finance tracking.

Through integration with iR Broadcaster, schools can create fully personalized invoices, receipts, or other statements and send them out via email broadcasts. Families will have the option to make online payments for school invoices—reducing paper use and increasing convenience—through their secure Student Billing Online accounts.

Parents and other fee payers will be able to access their secure accounts to pay bills online. Student Billing will display invoices and statements, a transaction history, and easy-to-use payment options. The school will determine which forms of payment to accept such as credit card payments and/or electronic funds transfer.

iR Enrollment Suite

Another iR product that continues to transform productivity for iR clients is SchoolForms Online (SFO). SchoolForms Online is a powerful, flexible form-building tool that allows clients to build their own online forms, attaching payment options to any form, and publish them to secure, online family accounts. Families correct pre-populated forms and return them electronically. The school brings changed and new data back into the database without data entry. inRESONANCE processes over 40,000 forms a month for clients, who declare the time savings for them is extraordinary. SFO now has been enhanced to allow users to display forms grouped by category.

“With the combination of PORTAL, SFO, and Student Billing, schools have a complete Enrollment Suite that handles school and family needs, from open house sign-up through enrollment, contracting, and bill payment,” said McAllister. “With these products, inRESONANCE is delivering an end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between enrollment and billing offices. The result for schools, and the families they serve, is greatly enhanced convenience and less time spent on administrative tasks.”

Additional new modules for PORTAL, the popular IR Admission/Enrollment solution, available later this summer

iR is enhancing the overall functionality of PORTAL, with Event signups and browser-based readers. These enhancements can be added for existing users.

Event Signup: This new PORTAL enhancement lets parents register online for an open house or other admissions events. Schools can set a capacity limit and the event will automatically shut off when full. Event signups come directly into the PORTAL Web Services (PWS) processing system either as a new inquiry or can be attached to an existing record.

PORTAL Direct: With the recent release of FileMaker 13, InRESONANCE will offer secure, browser-based access to PORTAL with PORTAL Direct, based on FileMaker’s new WebDirect technology. The initial version will have functionality for File Application readers, athletic coaches and other interest managers, and alumni interviewers. With PORTAL Direct users can review admission documents or applications using a web browser. The school can control what information or documents are accessible, what fields the users can edit, and can assign different levels of access to different kinds of readers.

“PORTAL Direct by inRESONANCE is the most comprehensive and flexible web reading system I have seen, and it’s consistent with the inRESONANCE spirit of putting the user in control,” said Thomas Sheppard, dean of admission and financial aid, The Lawrenceville School. “It’s one more step towards giving the Admission Office everything it needs for today’s data-driven admission landscape.”

Based on FileMaker Pro 13

inRESONANCE solutions are based on the award-winning FileMaker Pro 13, FileMaker’s newest software platform. FileMaker 13’s WebDirect technology makes it faster and easier than ever to create gorgeous, tailored business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web that deliver significant productivity gains.


Student Billing is available immediately. Additional new products, including Events and PORTAL Direct, will be available late summer. For more information about the solutions or to schedule an online demo, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call inRESONANCE at 413.587.0236.

About inRESONANCE, Inc.

inRESONANCE is a strategic productivity partner for schools and nonprofits. inRESONANCE has worked with over 350 schools world-wide for nearly 15 years. Our suite of intelligent, open, customizable FileMaker® Pro database solutions and related web applications brings control and flexibility to key operations—admissions and enrollment management, fundraising and constituent management, registrar and business office—with an interface built for productivity. The company has deep roots in education. For more information, go to

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