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Install an SSL Certificate on your FileMaker Server

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Install an SSL Certificate on your FileMaker Server
Koen Van Hulle

Do you think all you need to do is upload your SSL certificate and you are safe! Not really! In the session, we follow Eric and Emma, in-house developers, as they install an SSL certificate on their FileMaker Server. During their journey, they discover answers to:

– Why do I need an SSL certificate, even if I have an internal server?
– Why is obtaining and installing a certificate so tricky?
– How can I troubleshoot installation hurdles?
– Is installing an SSL certificate sufficient?

0:08 – Introduction
0:42 – Prologue: ClipFactory
2:35 – What Problems Does SSL/TLS Solve
7:30 – The Chain of Trust
17:06 – What Do We Need?
20:56 – Installing an SSL Certificate: Intro
21:32 – Installing an SSL Certificate: Create a CSR
24:16 – Installing an SSL Certificate: Order a Certificate
30:02 – Installing an SSL Certificate: Validation
31:46 – Installing an SSL Certificate: Install the Certificate
34:12 – TLS: TLS/SSL – There is more
35:59 – TLS: TLS/SSL – Let’s talk about TLS
38:04 – TLS: TLS and FileMaker Server
44:27 – What Should I Remember?

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