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Install and Configure Your FileMaker Server (DEP001)

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Install and Configure Your FileMaker Server
FileMaker DevCon 2017 Deployment Track

Session Speaker:
Claus Lavendt | DataManix

Session Description:

With increasing focus on utilizing FileMaker Server, we need to be sure on how to install and deploy FileMaker Server using best practices.

In this session you will learn about what the FileMaker Server consists of and how to install and deploy it. You’ll also learn how to install SSL certificates, and explore firewall, router and DNS technologies. Look at how you should configure FileMaker Server using best practices and talk about setting up policies around the server.

What you should know
You should be familiar with the FileMaker product family and with operating systems. Basic understanding of network, DNS and servers is a plus. This session is for anyone, who needs to install and configure FileMaker Server.

What You Will Learn
* How to install and configure it FileMaker Server
* Learn how to install SSL certificates on your FileMaker Server
* How to install and configure your FileMaker Server
* Best practices when deploying FileMaker Server

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