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Installing and updating FileMaker Pro automatically with Active Directory Group Policy Objects – FileMaker Today

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[ FMT Connect Link] here is the latest blog from David Nahodyl of the BlueFeather Group. If you’re working in an office with Active Directory and you have more than a couple of computers to install FileMaker Pro on it can be very convenient to use a Group Policy Object to deploy FileMaker to different computers on your domain. This prevents you from having to go to each machine and run the setup program. A GPO can also be used to install updates or uninstall FileMake Pro to different machines on your network. This guide will show you how to set up a GPO to deploy FileMaker Pro to your domain.


  • Deploy FileMaker Pro to a group of computers using an Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO)

  • Bulk update FileMaker Pro to the latest version using a GPO


  • Volume License of FileMaker Pro

  • A Windows Active Directory server

  • Familiarity with Active Directory

  • A Windows target computer (this will not work for Macs)

  • Administrator access to make changes to Active Directory

  • Administrator access on a machine you can store and share installer files from using a windows share

GPOs can deploy software to either users or computers. I think it’s best for FileMaker to be deployed to a computer to make it easier to track how many machines you have it installed on. To do this, you will need to create a group in Active Directory and place each of the computers you wish to install FileMaker on inside this group.

Connect to your Active Directory server and open the Active Directory Users and Computers console. Create a new security group in the Groups folder for the computers you’ll be installing FMP on. In this example I’m going to name my group FileMaker Computers to indicate that computers in this group should have FileMaker installed.


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