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Integrating your CRM with other applications

Integrating your CRM with other applications can be achieved in several ways:

  1. Write your code: This is the most labor-intensive solution for integrating CRMs with third-party applications. You can write your custom code to make the two systems communicate as needed.
  2. Invest in products from a single SalesForce or FileMaker Developer: Companies can invest solely in products and services from one provider, so all programs and tools automatically integrate. If you need help finding a developer, let us know. After 25 years in business, we know a few!!!!
  3. Use an API: You can use an application programming interface (API) to connect the CRM with other systems. APIs allow for customization and are ideal when connecting with specific systems3.
  4. Leverage native integrations: Leveraging native integrations built into the CRM platform is straightforward.
  5. Integrate via connector software: You can use connector services or connector software to integrate a service your business needs with a CRM system.

Remember, your chosen method depends on your needs, resources, and technical capabilities. It’s also important to note that some plans may require developer or IT professional assistance.


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