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Introducing Claris FileMaker Cloud 2023


Introducing claris filemaker cloud 2023

Claris has just released Claris FileMaker Cloud 2023 (version 2.20), and we’re excited about this new era of efficiency and innovation. Let’s discuss some of our favorite benefits of the latest FileMaker Cloud iteration, including security, performance, and availability improvements.

Key Benefits of Claris FileMaker Cloud 2023

  • Performance and Security: Experience enhanced performance and stronger security with backend infrastructure updates, including OData 4.01, Java 17, Vaadin 8.18, Node.js 18, Open SSL 3.0, and more. 
  • Reduced Admin Load: Say goodbye to unnecessary admin hassles. The enhanced script scheduler now comes with filter and sort capabilities, allowing you to save valuable admin time. Additionally, script errors now have a dedicated log, streamlining the debugging process for more efficient app management.

New Features & Enhancements

Functions & Scripts

  • ReadQRCode function is now available for us on FileMaker Cloud
  • Execute FileMaker Data API script step now supports dateformats parameter
  • Scripts that run on FileMaker Cloud now support Set Error Logging script step
  • Save Records as PDF script steps is now supported for FileMaker Data API
  • Script Events are now saved in the scriptEvent.log file instead of the Event.log file. View and download the scriptEvent.log file using the Logs tab in the Admin Console.
  • Added ability to filter and sort the list of script schedules in the Admin Console

For more information about enhancements and bug fixes, check out the official Claris FileMaker Cloud 2023 release notes.

Claris FileMaker Cloud 2023 Compatibility

Claris FileMaker Cloud 2023 is compatible with:

  • FileMaker Pro 2023, 19.6, 19.5, and 19.4.2
  • FileMaker Go 2023, 19.6, 19.5, ad 19.4.2

Upgrading to Compatible Versions

If you are not on any of the above versions, the following upgrade options are available in order to take advantage of Claris FileMaker Cloud 2023:

FileMaker Pro Options

  • Download FileMaker Pro 2023 from the Claris Customer Console
  • Update to FileMaker Pro 19.6.3 (Help > Check for Updates)
  • Access the latest updates from the Claris Updates and release notes page.

FileMaker Go Options

Additionally, FileMaker Pro 2023 and FileMaker Go 2023 have been certified against FileMaker Cloud 2.19, which means you will experience disruption-free service if you upgrade immediately. 

If you have any questions or want to upgrade to Claris FileMaker Cloud 2023, please contact DB Services and we can help you transition smoothly to the new version.

DB Services
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