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Introducing Claris Studio


What is Claris Studio?

Claris Studio is a cloud-native development environment that seamlessly integrates with Claris Pro, Claris Go, and Claris Server. With Claris Studio, you can now gain greater visibility across your entire business by bringing all your data together in one place. 

Why should I use Claris Studio?

Bring Your Data Together

Increase your efficiency with one, unified platform that holds all the data across your entire business. Your data will update in real-time across the Claris platform and you can create reports, charts, and dashboards to display your data in the way that best suits you and your business.


Choose which ways you want to visualize and work with your data to increase visibility and efficiency. The following types of views are currently available:

  • Forms: Easily collect data in a multi-page web form
  • Spreadsheet: Sort, filter, group, chart, and summarize your data in rows and columns
  • List-detail: Organize your records into a list and dig into each record to edit or review the record details
  • Kanban: Track your progress on a project with this task management view
  • Dashboard: View your data at a glance with charts, summaries, and more


A hub is an organized collection of views that are shared with selected team members. Views can be added to multiple hubs. 

Team managers can create hubs, add views to them, and add team members. Team managers can see all hubs available in the organization, while team members can only see the hubs that have been shared with them. 

One Platform, One Claris ID

Your Claris ID allows you to navigate between Claris Studio, Claris Pro, and Claris Go with just one login- no need to sign in to multiple accounts!

What else is new?

  • Apps created with Claris Pro now use the filename extension .claris
  • Claris Server is available to host .claris files. When you install Claris server and open Admin Console for the first time, sign in with your Claris ID account.


We are excited about the new launch of Claris Studio and we look forward to discovering new solutions using the Claris platform. As always, Claris continues to show its dedication to solving critical workplace problems efficiently and effectively. If you are interested in Claris Studio, contact us at DB Services and let’s discuss what problems we can solve together.

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