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Introducing by Sully of Mandlebrot LLC

Since 2006, AWS S3 has been the industry standard for programmable cloud storage. It’s fast, cheap, flexible, reliable, secure and available around the world. If you’ve ever watched Netflix, played Minecraft, looked at Pintrest or Reddit, you’ve used S3. If you need to share files, an S3 bucket is where you want to be. In this meeting, Sully of Mandlebrot LLC, ( introduced a tool that will make the superpowers of AWS S3 available to every FileMaker developer, regardless of skill level. is a no-code tool for using your FileMaker container data with AWS S3. There’s nothing for you to learn or maintain: just copy-paste one variable and one url into a two line script and let do all the heavy lifting. Even the newest developers can have their container data in S3 in under an hour. There are no plugins, no coding and no upload limits, just simplicity.

If you’re a more advanced developer who’s familiar with REST APIs, you can also use your API Key to call our growing list of public endpoints. Do things like /upload, /makePublic, /preSign, /copy, and /delete your files. If we have time, we’ll also pop the hood on to discuss how to build stateless, serverless microservices.

Sully walks through the process of creating your own private AWS S3 bucket. If you’re interested in coding along with Sully, make sure you’ve signed up for AWS before before watching this video of the August 6, 2021 Chicago Area FileMaker Developers Association (CAFDA) meeting:

Learn more at:

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