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FileMaker SQL – ODBC Intro with Greg Lane

Session Materials Download Included

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Greg Lane – Skeleton Key

The FileMaker Platform has a rich set of SQL-related features for sharing data with other applications and databases. In this session you’ll gain an understanding of ODBC, SQL, and ESS and how they can make your organization’s data more valuable.

Unravel the acronyms and demonstrate practical examples of how to access information in other database systems and how to access information in FileMaker from other systems. You’ll also learn the pros and cons of the different SQL-related capabilities on offer.

What you should know

This session assumes no prior knowledge of ODBC or SQL. Experience with FileMaker Pro (including managing databases, managing accounts, and writing scripts) is recommended.

Products & Technologies

  • Pro/Advanced
  • Server

Session Materials

  • Materials are not yet available for this session.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of ODBC, SQL, and ESS and when to use them
  • See specific examples that show how to use FileMaker’s ODBC technologies
  • Learn how to use each of the basic SQL statements
  • Explore techniques using the ExecuteSQL function to simplify your relationships graph


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