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January, 2018 -FileMaker STL Meetup: “Alexa, ask FileMaker…”

Hey Siri. Hey Google. Hey Alexa…the holiday season was explosive with its ads for voice command devices. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could say something like “Hey Alexa, ask FileMaker how many contacts live in the state of Texas?”, and have the results of your FileMaker database said back to you? We think so too! And that’s why we were excited to have Skeleton Key’s very own Jeremy Upton lead the meetup topic.

Jeremy introduced you to the free, event-driven developer resource provided by Amazon called AWS Lambda. His live demos used JavaScript, running as a Lambda function, that utilizes an Alexa Skill kit to allow voice controlled queries of a hosted FileMaker file.

No JavaScript knowledge is required!

Jeremy Upton has been a FileMaker Developer for 20 years starting with version 4. He has been a Skeleton Key crew member since October 2016.

Our Meetups are always intended to create dialog among attendees and generate a renewed excitement for the love of what we all do as part of the FileMaker community.

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