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Japanese manga helps students to learn FileMaker

Japanese Manga Helps Students Learn FileMaker
Hiroyuki Aruga (DBPowers Co.Ltd.)

At the university class I teach, my teaching assistant drew a manga story with the class. Students learned how to use Claris FileMaker or how to develop apps with FileMaker, seeing the teacher’s slide. But not all students understood everything as the class proceeded. Sometimes they get lost during the class. The teaching assistant found this to be a turning point. She drew the manga story about this turning point and published it after the class ended. The students saw this manga and understood why they got lost and what knowledge was lacking. This session covers the efficiency of manga to the study of FileMaker.

0:08 – Introduction
1:13 – What is the Campus Program?
2:01 – How does a Student Learn FileMaker Pro in Class?
5:19 – Why Choose “Manga” for our class?
9:16 – How does “Manga” help studying?
14:28 – Conclusion

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