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Normally I do not add my comments to a FMT promo post, but in this case I have to…Jarvis is the simply the Best FileMaker CRM template I have ever seen and I have seen many. What really jumps out and grabbed me was the interface “WOW!”…finally a CRM that is made for today’s world. You can swipe, touch, tap and use this CRM on any device and it’s portable or goes anywhere! If you are in the market for a CRM…Jarvis is a must. Just a quick note there is a discount on this product through Friday.

At The Scarpetta Group, Inc., we observed trends in what our partners want from their database systems and business management. We found ourselves repeatedly creating similar solutions, so we decided to create one product, Jarvis CRM™. It was designed  from the ground up on the FileMaker 13 Platform, to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of partners, and be easy to customize. The functionality and new features of the FileMaker 13 Platform allowed us to create a clean beautiful user interface design for Jarvis CRM™, as well as all the necessary components to make a great CRM. We left enough room to build and customize the workflows that are specific to your needs giving you the control to manage your customizations, or hire us to do them for you.

Major Features

  • User Dashboard: Sleek user interface, Complete overview of responsibilities, Call management, Open quotes and invoices to stay on top of workflow and timely payments

  • Administration: Customizable navigation, Multi-level security features

  • Project Management: Fully integrated project management, Manage and track progress on projects with milestones and related tasks, document management included.

  • Inventory Tracking: Manage your product and/or service offerings, View product inventory in real-time, Reminder alerts when stock is low and it is time to re-stock

  • Call Management: Monitor new and prospective accounts, Log phone calls and other communications, such as email, Viewable on User Dashboard

  • Quoting: Build quotes from managed products or services, Convert quote to an invoice after customer places the order

  • Invoicing and Payments: Easily create ad hoc invoices, Create an invoice from a quote, Enter payment information, Easily integrated to payment solutions

  • Purchase Orders: Create, view, print and email purchase orders for your vendors

Jarvis CRM™ Project Management

Jarvis CRM™ Availability

Jarvis is available now for purchase!

Jarvis CRM™ currently supports desktop and iPad access with the same full featured feature set. WebDirect access is projected to be available in mid-September of 2014.

See below options for purchase or call us at 877-501-8038 to schedule a demo.

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