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Journey to CTA with Mitesh Mistry | Episode 98

Mitesh Mistry is an Associate Partner over at IBM. In this role, he works with design architecture and helps customers understand how best to use the Salesforce platform to deliver their core use cases.

Today I am talking with Mitesh about his long journey to becoming a Certified Technical Architect. In our conversation, he shares some great tips and tricks that he learned along the way. Tune in to learn from this developer turned architect who has been with Salesforce for years.

Show Highlights:

Why Mitesh transitioned from pure development to broader technical architecture.
The career value of working on user-centric projects.
What pushed Mitesh to become a Certified Technical Architect.
Why the journey to CTA is so long.
The nine domains of Salesforce.
What the CTA exam day looks like.
Why the exam isn’t knowledge-based.
Mitesh’s best tips for studying and preparing for the exam.
The importance of practical experience in the journey to CTA.
Resources to help you on this journey.
Why study groups are so important.

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