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JSON, You Deserve [Arrays]

JSON, You Deserve [Arrays]
Shawn Krueger

JSON is the language of REST APIs and has also quickly become the de facto standard for passing parameters within FileMaker. We no longer need cryptic custom functions and workarounds to pass complex structured data between our scripts. Whether we are creating the latest digital transformation with Claris Connect and numerous REST APIs, or just making FileMaker more efficient, creating properly structured JSON is a valuable skill. Though approachable, FileMaker’s JSON functions can get complex. Learn naming and looping techniques to tame the beast.

0:08 – Introduction
4:43 – What is JSON, and Why Should I (a FileMaker Developer) Care?
9:24 – FileMaker’s JSON Functions – Inspecting and Parsing JSON Data
16:24 -FileMaker’s JSON Functions – Creating and Editing JSON Data
21:12 – The JSONSetElement JSON Data Types
29:29 – Back to Creating and Editing JSON Data
38:58 – Advanced JSON: Arrays
48:18 – JSON Script Parameter Examples
56:19 -Web APIs – Matching Your Data to Someone Else’s JSON
1:05:55 – Execute FileMaker Data API

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