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Karbon – a FREE framework for building ambitious custom FileMaker Apps

Geist Interactive is pleased to announce our Karbon Framework will be released at FileMaker DevCon 2018!

Karbon’s first iteration is a Customer Relationship Management set up. It uses the party model, it contains transactional scripts, and is pre-integrated with several APIs.

Karbon’s Values

  1. The data’s correctness comes first, then it is fast, then it is pretty.
  2. Modular in design
  3. Database Transactions
  4. Separation of Concerns
  5. API’s first
  6. Automated testing
  7. Separate Dev and Production
  8. Understand the Source of Truth
  9. Better Data Models Hold Up Over TIme
  10. Spend the Time on the Right stuff
  11. Sharing is Caring
  12. Simple is better
  13. Documentation is plentiful
  14. Write code that Writes Code

Read all about it above and stay tuned to for the latest information and the download ( Did I say it was free? ). And stop by the Geist Interactive booth at DevCon to learn more about Karbon and all our other great products.