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Say Hello to KiPoint Pro POS 4.0 With KiSwipe

the Leading FileMaker POS solution

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Say hello KiPoint, the to Leading FileMaker POS solution for iPad, Mac, Windows, to quickly process retail sales. Extraordinarily easy and visual to add items to a sales order with a customizable touch screen or quick find interface where you can type a few letters or scan a bar code to bring in the item to add to the sale. Process the credit card and get signature on the iPad in a few seconds. Capture customer information so you can email their receipt. Can be run on iPad, Mac or Windows locally or accessed via FileMaker Server. Use KiPoint with the KiBiz Enterprise system and update your inventory, sales order fulfillment and accounting.

Easily process retail sales with KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS, the leading FileMaker POS solution for iPad, Mac and Windows. With a customizable touch screen interface, bar code reader, or predictive search, KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS can quickly add to a sale from an inventory of thousands of items. Secure credit card processing, digital signatures and customer info capture to email receipts are just a few of the many features that make KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS the go-to desktop and mobile FileMaker solution for retail.

KiBiz Systems presented at last year’s DevCon 17 to show off all of the functionality of KiPoint POS 4, a fully encrypted PCI compliant FileMaker based POS solution that can stand alone or bolt on to any FileMaker solution. Look for us at DevCon 18.

KiBiz Systems president Allen Imbarrato (right) with FileMaker president, Dominique Groupil


Many developers are excited to learn that they can now offer KiPoint POS to their existing clients as a bolt on POS solution.
A lot of potential customers were very excited to learn more about KiPoint’s robust features and capacity to function as a standalone POS solution for retail stores. KiPoint POS is now fully operational in over 30 Brandy Melville Stores. Many were surprised to learn that with  KiSwipe they can easily process encrypted credit card transactions on iPad, without needing a plugin.


One customer, in particular, was happy to learn that with the many Cayan products such as their new handheld device or Genius mini for iPad they would be able to process credit card transactions including EMV chips, Apple pay, Google wallet and PayPal to process credit card transactions at music festivals. With Cayan’s products and the power of KiPoint it makes it easy to process credit card transactions anytime anywhere safely and securely.

KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS can process payments, with Apple Pay, EMV, Android Pay, Google Pay, and other pay methods. KiPoint POS can handle the requirements of a multi-store deployment, by providing a central database to track sales, gift cards, store credits, and inventory for all stores.

As a part of the KiBiz 7 suite of solutions, KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS is a powerful and highly customizable FileMaker POS solution that has been developed over the last 15 years. All the benefits of our KiBiz 7 CRM ERP can now be used in a retail location or pretty much anywhere.

KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS is fully functional as a replacement for a cash register on the most basic level, but when connected on the back-end with KiBiz 7 it scales to a powerful tool that helps businesses streamline, automate and integrate all their key business processes such as inventory, contact management, purchasing, and accounting. KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS can also run as a standalone solution, or easily connect with any front-end FileMaker Business System.

KiPoint POS is currently the POS solution at 30 stores for a trendy worldwide women’s fashion chain. KiPoint POS runs the POS for a gift store chain in Alaska with 9 locations, a Spa Store in Seattle, a Landscape Supply Store in Chicago, a Plumbing Supply Store in Pittsburgh, a Discount Store in Miami, soon an Apple Re-seller Store in Michigan, and many others.

KiBiz Systems Founder Allen Imbarrato also announced the release of KiSwipe iOS app that can be used to do encrypted credit card transactions on the iPad and iPhone with any FM Go app. KiSwipe is the only app available that allows encrypted credit card swiping on the iPad that works with FM Go. It can process transactions using or we can set you up with a Cayan merchant account.

To learn more about KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS & the KiSwipe IOS App click here

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About KiBiz Systems, Inc.

Since 1996 – Over 20 Years, KiBiz Systems, Inc. has been creating business software products that are open so that they can be customized to serve the needs of a wide variety of businesses worldwide. Our business software products include KiBiz 7 CRM ERP for business management, KiBiz Accounting, KiRental for Equipment Rental Management, KiProduction for manufacturing, KiPoint POS for retail, KiBiz Bakery Distribution. We also have a Customer Portal, Sales Rep Portal, and eCommerce Shopping Cart.

Higher Performance through Database Automation

We are committed to finding ways to make your business run more effectively, with faster, better, more reliable business systems. We can strengthen your informational infrastructure to provide a more solid foundation from which your business can grow and prosper. We study your work flow and business processes to discover new ways to better serve your customers, interact with your vendors, and coordinate among your staff. The key to these relationships is how information is shared in a timely, focused and controlled manner. A multi-user database in which all information is accessible based on assigned privileges enables your staff to be better equipped to fulfill the requests of your customers, and communicate with your vendors what your business needs are.

If you would like more information about KiPoint Pro 4.0 POS – KiSwipe IOS App visit

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