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Late-breaking and other issues in FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced – FileMaker Today

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This document provides information about late-breaking and other issues in FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced. For general information, please see FileMaker Pro Help, consult the documentation included with your software, or visit our support resources at


  1. File Conversion

  2. Container Fields and Interactive Containers

  3. Miscellaneous

  4. Instant Web Publishing

  5. Mac OS X

  6. External ODBC Driver

  7. Documentation Errata

  8. APIs, Technologies, or Features to be Deprecated

1.  File Conversion



The file format of FileMaker Pro has been changed to support new features. To use files from previous versions with FileMaker 12 products, you must convert those files to the FileMaker Pro 12 format. After file conversion, you may notice some differences from the original files. For information about these differences, see “Converting files” in FileMaker Pro Help, and “Converting files checklist” in the FileMaker Knowledge Base at




2.  Container Fields and Interactive Containers



Thumbnails will not be used for images inserted by reference into container fields. If you want a container field to use thumbnails, make sure the images are embedded or stored externally.


When an interactive container has “Start playback automatically” selected (in the Data tab of the Inspector), videos in the interactive container will play from the beginning when you resize the FileMaker document window in List View. To prevent this from happening, deselect “Start playback automatically.”


Windows XP: FileMaker Pro cannot render files in TIF or TIFF format that were inserted by reference into interactive containers.

3. Miscellaneous



SMTP mail supports UTF-8 only.


When you change a layout’s theme, the font size of text objects that you paste onto the changed layout is not preserved.


When you change a layout’s theme and then paste a copied text object onto the changed layout, the font may not change to the theme’s default font color.


If you change the color of text objects on a layout, the objects may shrink by up to 1 point. You can resolve this issue by resizing the text objects.


Windows: Dotted or dashed lines with 0.25-point width are not visible in Browse mode or Preview mode.


Windows: Changes you make to options in the Print Setup dialog box also affect options in the Print dialog box, and vice versa. A script that changes Print Setup options will also change Print dialog box options, and vice versa.


Windows XP: Most Japanese parentheses and some symbols display sideways when files are saved as PDF.



4.  Instant Web Publishing



You must select the Classic theme in the FileMaker Pro Layout Setup dialog for layouts that you want to use for Instant Web Publishing. If you enable Instant Web Publishing for a layout that does not use the Classic theme, you may see an alert that the layout is not supported for Instant Web Publishing because it does not use the Classic theme.

5. Mac OS X



Mac OS: The keyboard shortcuts for Next Record, Next Request, Previous Record, and Previous Request are displayed incorrectly in the Edit Custom Menu dialog box. However, these commands will display and work correctly in installed custom menus.


Mac OS X Lion: Using the keyboard shortcuts Control-Up Arrow and Control-Down Arrow to move through records or find requests may launch the Lion Mission Control feature. You can turn off the use of these shortcuts in Mission Control by going to the Personal pane in System Preferences.

6.  External ODBC Driver

For updates on supported ODBC data sources and drivers, see


To use an external ODBC data source in a hosted solution with FileMaker Pro, you must use a 32-bit client driver. You cannot use 64-bit client drivers with FileMaker Pro.


Windows x64 editions: Oracle drivers will not accept login credentials from FileMaker Pro when attempting to connect to an Oracle data source if FileMaker Pro is installed into the default location: “Program Files (x86)” folder. For the Oracle drivers to work properly, install FileMaker Pro into a directory that is not the “Program Files (x86)” directory. (Windows x64 has two “Program Files” directories; however, installation into the “Program Files” directory is disallowed.)


7.  Documentation Errata



FileMaker Pro Help states in the description of the Code() function that if zero characters are in the text, Code returns 0. This is incorrect; if zero characters are in the text, Code returns an empty string. Similarly, the example “Code(“”) returns 0” should be “Code(“”) returns an empty string.”


FileMaker Pro Help states that the script activated by the OnLastWindowClose script trigger runs before the first window of a file is closed. This is incorrect; the script runs before the last window of a file is closed.


FileMaker Pro Help shows the example “DayNameJ(Date(4;4;2015) returns Friday” for the DayNameJ function. This result is incorrect; the correct result is Saturday.


Mac OS: FileMaker Pro Help states that the keyboard shortcut to “Close certain dialog boxes without confirmation and discard changes” is Option-Esc. This shortcut no longer applies to FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced..


The FileMaker Pro 12 User’s Guide states that to view the omitted set, click “Show All” in the status toolbar. This is incorrect; you must click “Show Omitted Only” in the status toolbar.


The FileMaker 12 ODBC and JDBC Guide provides examples for the DAY, DAYOFWEEK, MONTH, and YEAR functions, such as the following:

DAY({d ‘2012/01/30’}), DAYOFWEEK({d ‘2004/05/01’}), MONTH({d ‘2012/01/30’}) and YEAR({d ‘2012/01/30’})

However, date formats that include the slash character (/) are not supported for use with the ExecuteSQL function and when data from an ODBC data source is imported. The examples should use a hyphen (-) instead of a slash, as in these corrected examples:

DAY({d ‘2012-01-30’}), DAYOFWEEK({d ‘2004-05-01’}), MONTH({d ‘2012-01-30’}) and YEAR({d ‘2012-01-30’})

8.  APIs, Technologies, or Features to be Deprecated

As FileMaker Pro evolves, the list of APIs and technologies it supports may change. FileMaker recommends that you migrate your solution to use other APIs, technologies, or alternative features of the product, because the deprecated features may be deleted from this or a future version of the product. For information about features that have been changed or removed, see “New features in FileMaker Pro 12” in Help.


This answer has been revised to reflect the following:

Update: 19-February-2013

Appended information to Section 8. APIs, Technologies, or Features to be Deprecated

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