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Learning FileMaker: Before you dive in

Learning how to use and develop within Claris/FileMaker Pro can either be frustrating or super rewarding. This video is a great head start for becoming familiar with how to approach your learning journey. I want you to have the rewarding experience, not the frustrating one! Regardless if you are trying to learn Relationships, Scripting or Calculations, this video will provide you with the tools to get started with a high level of confidence.

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Templates for FileMaker: https://templates.fm
Download documentation: https://fmgo.to/fmdocs
Dash for Macintosh: https://kapeli.com/dash
Dash docs for FileMaker 19: https://github.com/petrowsky/FileMaker-Dash-Docset/releases/tag/FileMaker-19-220916
Debugging video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTMpa5aEbtw

00:00 – Start
01:22 – Activating the developer tools
03:19 – Using the built-in help
04:14 – Why learning is slower without this knowledge
06:51 – The calculation dialog box is a must know
10:10 – Browser searching for faster help results
14:05 – Understanding function options
18:19 – Downloading documentation
21:27 – Deciphering FileMaker Scripts
24:14 – Getting started with the Debugger
25:39 – Editing scripts via the Debugger
28:04 – Finding a particular script
29:35 – Previewing vs. Editing scripts
30:34 – Accessing sample database files
32:38 – Closing suggestions for learning FileMaker

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