Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Less Is More: The Single-Purpose App (Closing Insights 010)

Title: Less Is More: The Single-Purpose App
Track: Closing Insights 010
Speaker: Ronnie Rios
From: FileMaker, Inc.

From Facebook to Foursquare to Google, tech giants have been simplifying and unbundling their apps for years. This trend has not been limited to consumer apps.

Developers in the business world are also embracing the single-purpose app strategy to help them deliver the simple, easy and uncluttered experience their mobile users expect.

In this session we will explore the concept behind the single-purpose app, its benefits, common pitfalls and ways to overcome them.

What you should know
No prerequisites.

Session Materials

What You Will Learn
• Benefits of adopting the single-purpose app strategy
• Why single purpose doesn’t mean single feature
• Common pitfalls of unbundling apps and how to overcome them

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