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A Very Limited Offer for FileMaker Developers

Many Developers asked for another chance at an affordable advertising package, here it is…if you are seeing this, the package is still available for LESS THAN $1 a day!  But hurry it will be gone fast!

This package will put your FileMaker products and services in front of a total FileMaker audience, 1000’s daily visitors and over 45,700+ members on the Original FileMaker Forum. Get our ultimate annual banner & promotions package for your business for LESS Than $1 a day – about 82 cents to be exact! Our Normal price for this package is $1299. Save over $1000 !!!!

For every one person that knows your business or products exist, there are thousands that HAVE NEVER HEARD OF YOU OR YOUR PRODUCT! This package will change that quickly! No matter how big or well known you think your business is… you need to advertise for business success. The FMT affiliate package delivers much more than just banner ads…we publish professional grade promotional articles for your products or services and provide tips from our FileMaker Marketing Professionals on how to successfully market your products and services!

Your custom business package includes a a 728X90 banner, a bonus 300X250 banner and FREE Banner Design a $300 value! A similar package anywhere else you would pay $1500 to $3000 and would not be a Total FileMaker Audience. This is the ultimate developer package…  Keep spear fishing on Google or Grab this offer now, there is only 1 package available at this unheard of price!

Click here now to purchase this annual package now before it’s gone. ONLY 1 PACKAGE REMAINS at this price! Just $299 for a FULL YEAR OF ADVERTISING!

Here is one of our latest custom banners built FREE  – over $300 in actual value!


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