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Lesson #20: Data Structure & Schema – Adding Value Lists – Scriptology Mastery Course FileMaker

When you’re working with FileMaker Pro value lists, there are only a few situations which dictate how and where you should connect things up. In most cases, you create the value list right within the context of where you’re presenting the data. This means you use the table occurrences which are already connected. However, in some cases, it’s best to create a new table occurrence group and keep your value lists separate. This allows your FileMaker Pro solution to be maintained that much easier.

Link to the file if you don’t want to rebuild from scratch.

  1. Randy Sandberg says

    Matt, language is for communication. You are articulate. People understand you regardless of how often you use a particular word.

  2. ldjtje says

    I have not even noticed it, but that's probably because I'm a foreigner. I need all my attention for what you explain. That's more important. 🙂

  3. Gordon Hall says

    Matt you are awesome. Im sorry if I made you feel bad. Was not trying to be mean. I watch all your stuff and love it whether u have a word you like or not. Im so impressed with how u took it as an opportunity to improve. I will become a subscriber. I would love to see how u might explain portal filtering and how filemaker interprets calculations in the portal filter dialogue when multiple criteria is necessary. Thank you for everything.

  4. Jess Aynes says

    Hi Matt;

        Throughout the video series, you've made reference to what seems to be a loosing battle when tables, relationships (graphs), and fields grow to become unmanageable due to their ever expanding complexity – even with a strong effort throughout the solutions's life to control and document it.
         This seems especially troublesome when a person leaves the solution alone for a while and comes back to it for updates/changes (much less seeing it for the first time).  Are there any other pictorial/documentation approaches that might be used in addition to the ones already presented?
         PS – Finally catching up with this great video series.

  5. G8 Oscar says

    Thanks again for this series of videos. FileMaker really needs STANDARDS .One month ago my friend asked me to help maintain a database that created by his ex-employee. But I could not even understand the relationship graph and design logic the database had, I couldn't do anything at that moment.

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