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Password protection and security…

Lesson #27: Data Structure & Schema – Multiuser Setup – Scriptology Mastery Course FileMaker

Before you build too much structure into your FileMaker solution, you have to start planning for how multiple users are going to use the database system. Taking what you know about how FileMaker’s environment works, you can start to build additional functionality into your solution based on the core functionality which you’ve created.

Link to the file if you don’t want to rebuild from scratch.

  1. Curtis Howe says

    What about adding a super user? So we have a software that lets a company see their data but if we have a client that has different offices and each office is added like it’s own business. How do we allow someone to see all the offices but no other company?

  2. David Angel says

    Hi Matt, Excelente.
    Question: it´s possible to let a manager user (not a developer) , create, edit, change passwords for users with equal or less restrictive permissions ?

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