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Lesson #28: Data Structure & Schema – Multiuser Data – Scriptology Mastery Course FileMaker

When creating a FileMaker Pro solution you almost always come across the need to reconfigure or adjust how you’ve initially started to solve the problem. In our example file, we’ve got a good start to tracking time periods, but it’s not quite multiuser ready. So this lesson will focus on adjusting our setup such that each user really only works with projects which they are associated to.

Link to the file if you don’t want to rebuild from scratch.

Link to Custom function

  1. G8 Oscar says

    Enjoyable video. Thank you.

  2. ldjtje says

    Long but very, very helpful and intresting. Thank you Matt.

  3. Tom Klompmaker says

    Hi Matt, how come if you re-login you do not go to the start up layout?

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