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Lesson #9: Data Structure & Schema – Starting a project – Scriptology Mastery Course FileMaker

What are the first steps to take when starting a new FileMaker project? What fields do you add? What settings do you set? In this lesson we’re going to walk through all of the first steps I take for any new project. We’ll be setting up the file options, the security, the startup and shutdown script and the default layout.

This video can serve as a check list for all the things to do first on a new FileMaker Pro file.

  1. Nathan David Veitch says

    Hi Matt, I was rewatching the start of the video because I often have the trouble with choosing either the wrong table occurrence or getting my relationship the wrong way around.

    Am I right in saying that with the way the relationship was, being Attendees–>People–>NotAttending and then using the Attendees TO as the starting point for the value list. When you create a new record, there is no record in the Attendees table, that contains the new People::id value, so when FM looks across the relationship to the NotAttending table, because it has to go through the People table, and with there being no link between Attendees and People, FM can't even see the NotAttending TO?

    If I'm not mistaken, in the previous video about value lists, wouldn't this be what you were talking about with regards to the issue of looking for data from one TO to a TO that is 2 or more hops away on the graph?

  2. RBnewsfeed says

    This series is fantastic. Thank you!

  3. ldjtje says

    Hello Matt, sorry i can not follw you realtime. I got a question though. You said that all tables better have a ID field. Now i see the startup table doesn't have one. Shouldn't it have? My name is Leen b.t.w. Thank you.

  4. HBH GROUP says

    Hi, Matt! We are a bit daft over here. What exactly do you mean by the term "multi-key field" ?

    Could you kindly illustrate this with a concrete example in today's (10/26/17) live stream?

    We probably know this concept by another name such as "multi-criteria" or "multi-predicate".


  5. HBH GROUP says

    To piggyback on our question posted below, we believe you had said that regarding ID / match / trigger fields, one cannot use fields which are not indexed and that this included unstored calculations and global fields. However FileMaker's Help indicates that Global Fields can be used as match/key fields.
    Mind clarifying here or on the live stream?

    We're confused again.

  6. Jason A. Tiller says

    Hi, Matt! I have enjoyed watching your Scriptology series of videos. I learn something new every lesson. I'm a bit confused about the Let function in the creationHostTimestamp field. Wouldn't just having an auto-enter calculation of Get ( CurrentHostTimestamp ) work by itself?

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