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Let’s Debunk the Myths of Locker, and Create a Secure Ecosystem


Trust is our #1 value at Salesforce. You’ve heard that before, and depending on things you’ve tried with libraries in the Salesforce UI, you’ve experienced it firsthand, but we want you to know that Locker isn’t here to be a buzzkill. In fact, you may not even know what Locker is, much less how it can help any security conscious developer deliver airtight Lightning web components. In this session we’ll put away the slides and dive into the code to break down some common misconceptions around Locker and Lightning security in general, going deep into scenarios where Locker helps, and ending with the future of Locker: ns to ns referencing, LockerBrowser, Locker built into VS code, and much more. You’ll leave with an expert’s understanding of security for web components in Lightning, and armed with the resources you need to use Locker to your company’s advantage.

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