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Leveraging JSON in Your FileMaker Custom Apps

with Anders Monsen

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FileMaker DevCon 2017 Innovation Track
Session Speaker: Anders Monsen

Session Description
JSON is a data language that’s becoming increasingly popular in the tech world and you can integrate JSON with FileMaker for your data interchanging needs..

In this session, you’ll learn the various ways in which to leverage JSON in your custom apps. Take real world examples and investigate integration capabilities by contrasting FileMaker 15 (without plugins and 3rd party tools) and FileMaker 16 (using 16’s new JSON functions), including approaches for dealing with improperly formatted JSON.

Recommended Background
Attendees should be familiar with scripting and creating custom functions.

Session Objectives
Identifying and dealing with improperly formatted JSON
Your options for importing and parsing JSON in FileMaker
Handling JSON in the FileMaker Platform Pre-16 vs 16
Exploring the intricacies of real world JSON handling



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