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Lightning Web Components – Episode 1: An Introduction

This is your introduction to Lightning Web Components – a JavaScript programming model for building web applications and interfaces that is built on the best of web standards.

Any front-end web developer can get started with LWC and leverage custom elements, and JavaScript APIs to create modern apps and experiences that are fully aware of Salesforce data and processes.

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00:00:00 – Start
00:02:14 – Agenda
00:02:50 – Introducing Lightning Web Components
00:04:06 – Web stack and its transformation
00:09:09 – LWC Stack
00:12:28 – Coexistence and interoperability of Lightning Components
00:15:00 – Lightning Web Component Anatomy
00:16:38 – Demo: LWC Anatomy
00:19:40 – Component library
00:21:19 – Playground and demo
00:25:20 – Sample Gallery
00:27:47 – Developer Tooling
00:33:02 – Demo: Hello World App in LWC
00:51:06 – Q & A

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