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Providing an iTunes, as-you-type, filter provides a great interface for list view.

  1. Chris Glenn says

    I found that I used the following script with Perform Quick Find to function the way you wanted it to.
    Set Error Capture [On]
    Perform Quick Find [x_search]
    If [Get(LastError) = 401]
    Show Custom Dialog[]
    Else If [ Get(LastError) = 400]
    Show All Records
    End If
    Go to Field [x_search]

  2. Luis Sardinha says

    Hi John.
    Thanks for the video. I am trying to achieve something like this but with a button to select the filter condition. For example, if I wish to view only active customers. Do you think I can use the same logic as you described in this video, by performing finds taking into account the selected value from the filters options? I could use a pop-up menu with a value list describing the available filter values. What do you think?

    Thank you.

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