Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Local Development with Lightning Web Components

Slides: https://bit.ly/2ZeBWyU
GitHub repo: https://github.com/satyasekharcvb/lwc-local-dev.git
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With the release of a new beta version of Local Development, you can now build Lightning web components faster than ever before! You can now render changes, iterate rapidly, troubleshoot errors, and even connect with data from your org by spinning up a local development server on your machine.

00:00:00 – Start
00:02:38 – Agenda
00:04:00 – Introduction to LWC Local Development
00:06:00 – User Story for the demo
00:09:24 – Component Design and Breakup
00:10:47 – What is the LWC Recipes Sample App
00:12:50 – VS Code Extensions Walkthrough – Live Share, Org Browser, Lightning Explorer
00:14:18 – Starting the LWC Local Development Server
00:17:50 – Using Base Lightning Components
00:20:44 – Resolve errors quickly with Local Development Server
00:21:50 – Updating the Data Table to show cases
00:26:20 – Using Code Snippets in VS Code
00:31:01 – Creating Sibling Components
00:34:26 – Working with Record Forms
00:37:52 – Component Communication using pubsub module
00:51:40 – Checking if all components are working
00:51:57 – Deploying to Salesforce
00:55:50 – Summary
00:57:05 – Q & A

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