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LWC and Web Standards with Greg Whitworth | Episode 85

Greg Whitworth is the Director of LWC’s application and backend services. He’s also the Director of Standards and Web Platform here at Salesforce. Today, I am talking with him about his long history of working with web browsers. Specifically, we get into his experience with web standards committees, discuss how these standards come about and the benefits they can have for Salesforce and it’s developers.

Greg has a very unique perspective and history with these topics. Tune in to hear it and lots of great background information on web standards.

Show Highlights:

What Greg’s job looks like day to day.
All about web browser committees and how to join one.
How something becomes a web standard.
How his input on standards benefits Salesforce, its developers, and its customers.
Examples of standards that are helpful to Salesforce.
How standards improve developers’ skills and user experience.
What the composite layer is.
What polyfills are and how to work with them.

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